Overseas Missions
Mission Trip to Tapachula, Mexico: This trip is an opportunity for us to provide a Relief team at one of the Mission on the Move Boy’s and Girl’s homes in Tapachula. We serve as house parents while the local staff is on vacation. This relief work consists of cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, ironing and any other daily living activities at the home.

Local Missions

Below are some of the ministries with which we have especially close ties.

Backpack Buddies – Backpack Buddies is a ministry that provides food for children in the free lunch program for the weekend.

Wesley Community Center – Wesley Community Center is a joint outreach of the South Georgia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church and the United Way. WCC reaches out to women and children in need through a certified after-school program, clothes closet, and other programs.

Urban Hope – Urban Hope is an after school program where elementary and middle school-age children receive help with homework and academics in a caring, Christian environment. High school students get experience in tutoring and servant leadership.

Family Promise (formerly Interfaith Hospitality Network) – Several times a year, Wesley Monumental becomes the home to a number of families for a week as the parents search for employment. We provide a place to sleep, as well as meals.

The Living Vine – The Living Vine is a ministry to women in crisis pregnancies. It provides counseling and support to women who find themselves in these difficult situations.

Fresh Air Home – Fresh Air Home provides a two week camp for children during the summer. This ministry was begun in 1897 by Nina Anderson Pape, and its work is continued today by the Froebel Circle.

Refugee Aid – The church assists families newly arrived in Savannah with English help, fellowship meals prepared by the Young Mothers’ Bible Study, friendship, and donations of diapers, furniture, and clothing. Currently we are helping families from Syria, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Burma, Iraq, and Iran.

We strongly encourage you to join us in giving financial support to these vital ministries!