Church Membership

John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Movement, once said that membership in the movement was open “to all who desire to flee from the wrath to come and be saved from their sins.” United Methodists recognize the baptism of all other Christian churches (Protestant, Orthodox, and Catholic) and thus accept transfers of membership. Those who have never been baptized and seek to become disciples of Jesus by professing their faith for the first time will be counseled about baptism and baptized publicly by sprinkling or immersion. New members, whether they come by baptism and taking vows or by transfer of membership, pledge to follow Christ by offering their “prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.” Membership carries with it the expectation that the member will walk as a disciple of Christ by being faithful in each of these areas.

Children in the 6th grade (or at an age when they are ready) profess faith in Christ and join the church after a comprehensive Confirmation Class. The congregation offers new member classes several times per year, with most class members joining the church together on the Sunday after the last class is held. If you are interested in membership in Wesley Monumental United Methodist church, our pastors are available for individual conversation.  Please contact Nelle Bordeaux for more information or to learn dates of upcoming New member Classes.