Eli’s Place

Eli’s Place is the Early Learning Center of Wesley Monumental! We have chosen the name Eli’s Place to bring to mind the Bible story of Hannah, Eli, and Samuel from the book of First Samuel. It is at the temple where Eli is the priest that Hannah prays for a child and promises to give the child back to the Lord. When Samuel lived at the temple with Eli, he heard God’s call and began to serve Him. As you bring your children to Eli’s Place at Wesley Monumental it is our prayer that they will come to know God and His great love for them, and they will never know a day apart from the Lord.

Our facility is newly renovated and meets all life safety code requirements. Wesley Monumental has used the United Methodist Church Safe Sanctuaries program to develop a Child Protection Policy, which requires screening and training for all adults who work with children.

Contact Charli Weeks, Director of Early Childhood Ministries, for class availability and to tour the facility.

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Philosophy of Education

The philosophy of Eli’s Place is to provide a nurturing and enriching learning environment based on child development principles that will address the needs of the whole child. The core components will include: Physical Development, Emotional & Social Development, Language & Literacy Development, Cognitive Development, Self Help Skills, and Spiritual Development.

At Eli’s Place we believe a child’s play is their work. But our playing always has a purpose. We want our children to love to learn and love to come to school. Time is too precious to waste on “fun for fun’s sake” when we can have just as much fun with activities which teach. Our goal is to help each child become a confident, creative life-long learner.

We believe children learn through developmentally appropriate play, discover, and meaningful learning experiences. With the help of well-trained qualified teachers, children are led through an established routine that involves large and small group activities as well as free choice time.

Appropriate curriculum for young children is correctly tailored to the specifics of each age group. Different ages have different needs, interests, and developmental tasks. Our curriculum choices reflect those variations and provide a strong foundation.