Summer Sunday School Teachers Needed

May 28, 2019

This summer we are teaching the children about “Everyday Life in Jesus’ Time.”  We are excited about the lessons that will cover everything from the land and the climate of the area where Jesus lived, to the food people ate, the clothes they wore, how they traveled and more.  Summer Sunday School begins on June 23, and we are looking for adults to partner with us in teaching the elementary children.  We will have a 3 year old and PreK group and a K- 3 rd grade group each Sunday and need two adult leaders for each group.  The lesson will be sent to you in advance and all other materials will be set up in your room on Sunday.  It is a joy to work with the children and to get to know their families.

If you would like to teach one or more weeks out of the summer, please contact James P. Owens,