The SuperBowl

February 1, 2017

It’s not surprising, being a Georgian, a sports fan, and a lifelong and mostly futile follower of the Atlanta Falcons that I’ve been trying to find some theological connection or lesson from the Super Bowl to talk about. I thought first about the “those who wait on the Lord” theme (we’ve been waiting 52 years). Which led me to the idea of talking about Jesus little parable about the woman and unjust judge and the lesson on never quit “harassing” God into giving you what you want! After all I remember all of the Falcons previous fifty-one seasons without winning the Super Bowl. So we better be asking, seeking, knocking a lot this week. I thought about the whole Israel and against Pharaoh and the Egyptians, David and Goliath, or Gideon against the Midianites theme. After all the Patriots are a juggernaut, seemingly unbeatable, and pretty much not liked by anybody not from New England, and few people really think the Falcons can knockdown the giant. And in the event Atlanta wins, I guess I could have gone with an apocalyptic theme, signs of the end times…the Falcons win the Super Bowl, better get you house in order, Jesus must be coming, etc. And, I could do the typical “preacher” thing and ask the question of whether or not God cares about a football game and the excessive waste of billions of dollars on a game. Or the ills of gambling thing. I heard somewhere the American gaming commission estimated $4.7 Billion dollars would be bet on the Super Bowl. Or there’s all the beer commercials or the scantily clad cheerleaders or …. But, I’d be pretty hypocritical doing the “preacher” theme because I like football, don’t mind a small wager on a golf game, think the beer commercials are funniest most creative ones, and then there are those cheerleaders aren’t there!
So what is my theological lesson from the Super Bowl? I’m glad we are saved by grace and not by works so I don’t have to feel guilty Wesley isn’t having Sunday night services so we can enjoy this rare moment, win or lose this doesn’t happen often. And, you can bet I’m praying for a win. And because New England fans are too, we’ll see whose prayers carry the most weight. That’s about all I’ve got. So go Falcons! Sorry I wasted your time with this inane article, hope you had some time to kill.