Thank You

January 5, 2017

“You will be enriched in every way for your great generosity, which will produce thanksgiving to God through us;” II Corinthians 9:11
I guess by now I should not be surprised, but I’m glad I am. I hope I never take you and your incredible faithfulness and generosity to God through the ministry of Wesley for granted. Once again you have responded to God’s call to support the work God is doing here at Wesley in an abundant way. We came to the end of the year needing a good December to make our budget and facing the conversion of our construction loan for Oliver Hall into an amortized loan that is placed into our 2017 budget. Thanks to you, not only did we make our budget, but we exceeded it enough to put $35,000 into our operating reserve and an additional $50,000 towards the building debt. On top of that, giving to the building project capital campaigns for the month of December alone was $250,000! There aren’t sufficient words to express our gratitude and awe at how you opened your hearts and hands to recognize God’s blessings in your lives and to turn around and be a blessings. As Paul put it, your generosity has produced a great deal of thanksgiving to God from us.

We are so blessed at Wesley to have the opportunities given us to minister to children, youth, and adults in our community. On Christmas Eve, nearly 948 people worshiped in our sanctuary (up from 842 in 2015 and 780 in 2014). Our two Nativity pageants featured almost 100 children! We enter a new year with so many blessings that bring so much responsibility. And I have no doubt through your faithfulness we will continue to share the good news of Jesus Christ in worship, study, fellowship, service, and witness. You are an answer to prayer, a gift from God, and I am honored to serve God with you.