Labor Day

September 1, 2016

Labor Day weekend is a time we focus more on rest than work.  It is last hurrah for the summer as we settle into our “school year” routines.  However, it should be a good day to reflect on the gift of work.  While it is tempting to look forward to Fridays more than Mondays, vacations more than work weeks, and retirement more than careers, work itself is a calling.  The Bible says we were made to work by a God who works.  The Ten Commandments include the practice of Sabbath/rest, but in the context of work.  “Six days you shall work, but the seventh day shall be a Sabbath to the Lord your God.”  The word vocation is from the Latin word vocare which means calling.  God calls us to meaningful work as a part of our human identity.  While we tend to associate and measure the value of work around wages, some of the most meaningful work we do is not compensated monetarily.  Those who have found themselves without work or physically unable to work often discover how much it means to us.  This weekend, take some time to reflect on your work (paid and unpaid) and ask God to help you rediscover the meaningfulness of your labor.